Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fostering a Love of Literature

That will be the tilte of my workshop.  I want to combine creating a love for reading as well as tips and startegies for parents when reading at home with their kiddos.  I also want to promote parent check out in our school library by setting them up with an account on the spot and giving them a tour of the library.  This way they can check out book right then!  Also, I want to give away some books...draw them in with the promise of a free book to build their home library.

At Whittier I  will need to contact Russell to see what books she has left over from yers past of RIF, not current give aways...Looking at the master calendar is daunting!  There are so many items on the calendar...YIKES..I just need to pick a date afterschool!

At Lafayette I am giving it in the am when parents are available and I am gettign ready to roll on Feb. 17th!  Yikes. I am a bit nervous to have a PALMS translator and I get so nervous speaking to adults...the kiddos are easier!    I designed a flyer w/ tear off at bottom to be sure to get an approx. head count, plus asking for the grade level (s) of their kiddos so that I best meet the needs of the parents.  Wendy suggested an exit slip so that I can get feedback as to what wsa helpful and what other comments or questions they may still have.  I really like that idea.  I have a mom who is translating my flyer, oops..I need to get the exit slip translated too!

I feel like I have so much on my plate, but in a good way!

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