Sunday, May 20, 2012

Studying for NBPTS Tests

Yikes... The countdown begins to test day and although I have been doing my background reading, I am way nervous about the tests! And began tackling the studying. Ethical & legal tenets, collection development & information literacy. I have been reading the rubrics to understand what my essays must contain to achieve a 4, and researching notes to study... Now is the hard part...all the trapping memorizing! Several things I have put into practice from my studying is open access. Teachers really want kids to be choosing books at their personal level, or reading level, but really we r pulling away from interest also. Which is where they need to be pushed as well...not pushed, but allowed! The statement that kills me is when kids come in and ask, "where are your 3rd grade books?" yuck! Thank god I get to tell them that the library is not organized like that! It is by interest/ subject in Dewey and by author's last name in fiction! Or Picture books! Yucko to think that kids can only read leveled books! And at their level...never mind what their interest is! There needs to be a bit more balance:) Better get studying!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Parent Workshop

The parent workshop went well as we had a full library and had to bring in more chairs! The difficult part was talking over the kiddos! That was a bit hectic for me even though some school aged kids went out to the playground for a awhile. I generated a PowerPoint and an evaluation sheet for the workshop which gave good feedback as to what went well. Parents learned importance of kids choice when reading and the importance of talking about what they read with their kiddos. Also modeling reading with them! I would love to do a follow up regarding some good summer reads. And also get more parents in to check out books. I know it is nearing the end of the year...but I would love to get them in the computer and start off next fall with parents checking out on back to school nite! I am not sure how I will do this at both sites, but I really want to! The difficult part of the workshop was the flow with the second teacher who translated in Spanish... I felt disjointed in the communication. I did go thru a district translator at my other site and for some reason it seemed better. I am not sure why. I was glad to have a fellow teacher, good for the parents to make that connection, it just seemed awkward to me. Parent response sheets were positive, so maybe it was me. Since then I have had several families check out books:) exactly my intended outcome!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Parent Workshop

I am excited about my second opportunity this year to give a parent workshop, this time at a different school. I will be teaming with another teacher & she will be translating in Spanish to the parents. I completed a PowerPoint presentation around fostering a love of literature in the home & I also created the flyer and exit slip so that Ivan tell how we did with the presentations and anything else I can further answer. I better get those run off! The sign up slips are coming in as we speak to get a feel for how any will be in attendance.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blogging as a "break"

I really should be typing more for my National Board Papers...but I am having writer's block!  I know that I have not been keeping up with this, because...well life has gotten in the way.  Let's see, someone has hacked into my bank accounts and I had to change EVERYTHING..accounts, direct deposits, bill flippin name it!  That was a pain and took up quite a few days to get everything correct...and I am still waiting for checks and such!  That ws two weeks ago and now my hubby just said someone got into his online account stuff too!  Kinda crazy b/c we have everything separate!

...and kiddos birthday party, baseball, karate, girl scouts, boy scouts...holy crap!  And to think I am working full time and trying to crank out papers for National I stupid or what!

Writing just isn't flowing...But, I did do a preant workshop at Lafy site and it went well...almost 40 parents...packet house!  I was nervous, but the PALMS translator made me feel did the parents!

Today at Whittier...I had a parent sign up to check out books!  Someone read my article:) YEAH!  Lots of good stuff going on there!  I loved reading jurgen's interview and telling him I read all about him and his work!  Worked with Bishop this week...really like it when her class comes b/c I feel like I am adding value as we discuss what they are working on and I can review in library.  As oppose to a dump my kids off and I will show up 5 min. late to pick them up b/c they are a "rough" group!  URGH!

Reading about elimination of librarians this week was not such happy news either!  Always comes around this time of year.  Even thouhght there is not a thing I can do about would think I would be use to it.  Guess it is b/c I think the district has gotten rid of most of the FAT in the budget, where the heck can they cut? sure is terrible. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

My kiddos school I just finished helping set up and break down breakfast (including my grandma's coffee cake)!  They are doing teacher appreciation this week.  They do something special kids made cards, tomorrow they bring in a flower and then room mom's make them into a bouquet, wed. something from a list of supplies for the teacher, Thurs. luncheon...etc.  Really making them feel special all week:)

Anyhow, I am going to get to work on my powerpoint for Fri. workshop.  I am a bit nervous, but it will help me plan.  Of course, Mark is leaving town on Thurs. night, so I am going to be driving like a maniac and getting up to work last minute before the presentation!  AHH...

I still have to get books together for give-aways, have sign up sheet for parent circulation and get ppt ready!  Glad kiido are in school today!

Gotta get crackin!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interlibrary loaning

...SA spent most of the past year or so new to me or out on maternity...I really didn't get the chance to be of that much service to her.  This year that seems to have changed, even though both of us are only there part time.  I have been able to gather books for her readers and interlibrary loan many items and I am so glad to be of this service.  Funny, Rm. 52, 51, 72, and Ms. Gomez...all interlibrary loaning!  I am so glad to be able to provide the service:)  It is so gratifying to be able to provide the books that teachers need though this service.  I just really wish that we could access the Destiny Catalog at home (thru Intranet) and be able to some of this from home as well!  Hopefully soon that will be available to us!

Working with ELL Coach

It is so exciting to work with Ms. Bishop this year!  I love the collaborative relationship we have started.  In a quick e-mail or a meeting in the copy room, we discuss student work, teaching points and a way that I can help supplement instruction to make library lesson more meaningful and match the learning in the classroom. 
First it was choosing "books at their personal level", then Non fiction text structures and features, to historical fiction and now elements of folktales. 

I really enjoy learning new techniques and strategies from her and I get giddy when I am able to supply her with books that serve as mentor text for her teaching points or for her students to read on their own.  It is what I love and miss from my days of teaching 5th grade with my colleaques in NY...that team teaching and sharing!  If I ever get displaced from my job, I would LOVE to be able to stay on at Whittier!  The learning philosphy, reading and writing, the active professional development...I love all aspects. 

I am so fortunate to be at so many ways!