Monday, February 13, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

My kiddos school I just finished helping set up and break down breakfast (including my grandma's coffee cake)!  They are doing teacher appreciation this week.  They do something special kids made cards, tomorrow they bring in a flower and then room mom's make them into a bouquet, wed. something from a list of supplies for the teacher, Thurs. luncheon...etc.  Really making them feel special all week:)

Anyhow, I am going to get to work on my powerpoint for Fri. workshop.  I am a bit nervous, but it will help me plan.  Of course, Mark is leaving town on Thurs. night, so I am going to be driving like a maniac and getting up to work last minute before the presentation!  AHH...

I still have to get books together for give-aways, have sign up sheet for parent circulation and get ppt ready!  Glad kiido are in school today!

Gotta get crackin!

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