Monday, March 19, 2012

Parent Workshop

I am excited about my second opportunity this year to give a parent workshop, this time at a different school. I will be teaming with another teacher & she will be translating in Spanish to the parents. I completed a PowerPoint presentation around fostering a love of literature in the home & I also created the flyer and exit slip so that Ivan tell how we did with the presentations and anything else I can further answer. I better get those run off! The sign up slips are coming in as we speak to get a feel for how any will be in attendance.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blogging as a "break"

I really should be typing more for my National Board Papers...but I am having writer's block!  I know that I have not been keeping up with this, because...well life has gotten in the way.  Let's see, someone has hacked into my bank accounts and I had to change EVERYTHING..accounts, direct deposits, bill flippin name it!  That was a pain and took up quite a few days to get everything correct...and I am still waiting for checks and such!  That ws two weeks ago and now my hubby just said someone got into his online account stuff too!  Kinda crazy b/c we have everything separate!

...and kiddos birthday party, baseball, karate, girl scouts, boy scouts...holy crap!  And to think I am working full time and trying to crank out papers for National I stupid or what!

Writing just isn't flowing...But, I did do a preant workshop at Lafy site and it went well...almost 40 parents...packet house!  I was nervous, but the PALMS translator made me feel did the parents!

Today at Whittier...I had a parent sign up to check out books!  Someone read my article:) YEAH!  Lots of good stuff going on there!  I loved reading jurgen's interview and telling him I read all about him and his work!  Worked with Bishop this week...really like it when her class comes b/c I feel like I am adding value as we discuss what they are working on and I can review in library.  As oppose to a dump my kids off and I will show up 5 min. late to pick them up b/c they are a "rough" group!  URGH!

Reading about elimination of librarians this week was not such happy news either!  Always comes around this time of year.  Even thouhght there is not a thing I can do about would think I would be use to it.  Guess it is b/c I think the district has gotten rid of most of the FAT in the budget, where the heck can they cut? sure is terrible.