Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Working with ELL Coach

It is so exciting to work with Ms. Bishop this year!  I love the collaborative relationship we have started.  In a quick e-mail or a meeting in the copy room, we discuss student work, teaching points and a way that I can help supplement instruction to make library lesson more meaningful and match the learning in the classroom. 
First it was choosing "books at their personal level", then Non fiction text structures and features, to historical fiction and now elements of folktales. 

I really enjoy learning new techniques and strategies from her and I get giddy when I am able to supply her with books that serve as mentor text for her teaching points or for her students to read on their own.  It is what I love and miss from my days of teaching 5th grade with my colleaques in NY...that team teaching and sharing!  If I ever get displaced from my job, I would LOVE to be able to stay on at Whittier!  The learning philosphy, reading and writing, the active professional development...I love all aspects. 

I am so fortunate to be at so many ways! 

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