Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Target Grant

My principal and I are working on a Target Makeover Grant...it sure would be great if we get it!  I would love to move the floor "wiring" to be able to get the phone away from where it is and to get some updated books added to our collection. The pics made the library look better than it actually is!!!

I also really need time to work on our collection and there never seems to be enough of it!  I spent some time over our last break weeding and discarding books and a little mending.  Between interlibrary loaning, searching for books to assist instruction, and merely organizing the shelves, cataloging comes dead last! 

I really need to branch out and get more student and parent involvement in the library, in order to free up time to catalog!  Well...I need to get moving.

I am giving my first parent workshop at another library on Feb. 17th..."Fostering a Love of Literature in the Home"  and am nervous as all get out!  I am busy getting my flyers ready, making sure I say the right thing to attract a decent crowd...then nervous about boring the heck out of them!  Part of the time I will also familiarize them with the school library and sign them up in the computer so that they can check books out for their kiddos.  I really need to advertise the school libraries at both sites...getting more books into the homes of our families!

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