Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monday Holiday Frustrations!

I do teach about MLK jr. Day and Presidents days in Feb. but what really is frustrating is when we have a holiday and everyone is off, why do I have to hear the complaining by teachers when I come back! I don't make the calendar and you had the whole day off! The kicker is when someone says" can't you take my class today!" I can't make Tues a if I had that power! Now if a school was scheduled, they don't really miss because I go to that school the very next Mon, which in turn pisses those Mon people off ....god forbid they were the ones who missed then they would be ticked! I make it equitable for all by equally dividing up the days....honestly it is super annoying to hear about the damn day off when no one was there! You did get your had the whole flipping day off....god, I wish I could tell them that, but I don't and smile and tell them I will see them next week! Yuck! Chronic complainers! I only work 50 percent at each school and I want to tell them how damn lucky they are that they only hav one classroom to run! Jerks...complaining about a stinking 25 or 45 min. Time frame....not like it was that their kids were missing out on instructional minutes or the fact that we are collaborating on some great project....nope!

Ok, enough ranting! Gotta get that crap off my chest though! I don't know how principals do it...dealing with adult baby-whiners! Really! I could never be a principal I would implode!

So, studying for National boards last night paid $45 so they could go to a movie night and I could get some work done! ....just about killed me to send the damn check for $1400.00 for the retakes! Honestly $350. A section for a 30 min. Test and to submit a paper! Crazy! Ranting again!

Trying to figure out how to write about my accomplishments over the last 5 yrs....grr! Does getting my family life back on track count? Nope! Well, at least that is good! Oh crap! All I am doing is complaining ! Bit stressed Mark has been gone for 10 days and I have been getting up at 5am peeling the kiddos eyelids open, white knuckle driving to work to get there on time and then rushing to karate, soccer, basketball while making dinner getting homework done, packing lunches...holy crap, no wonder I fell asleep with. The kiddos!

I better get an attitude adjustment! God I am whining! I really do have a great job and great family! And I am super happy to be doing what I enjoy doing!

I am getting a storyteller for my kids PTA for an author week at their school. I am planning the week, but like in the fall I realize I am the chair for the committee, which really meant that I am the committee...yikes! Hoping that changes this spring! Thank goodness I picked the week and I will be off from work...however all my paper stuff is due!

Oh well...feeling better! Gotta get going with girl scout cookies selling posters and cub scout meeting stuff...I am in charge of mtg. Next week!

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