Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am really glad I joined SSC since it will be a good way for me to become more involved in my school community. I have always felt welcomed and valued as a staff member, yet not being at a school 5 days a week totally bummed me out! I went from being an intrical part of the staff ( management chair for MANY yrs, SSC member, Safe & civil school member, etc. to zippo in 2 yrs! Really, it is my own fault that I have been not involved...and I am glad I am finally starting to take a more active role! Stop the pity party and make the most of my good situation! I work with a great staff that has the same reading and writing philosophy that I was schooled & trained in and taught in NY and that is huge! I am so lucky to be a part of most of their training and share in their enthusiasm for crafting lessons... Lucky!

I want to build the parent check out program and really need to get the word out of the kind of revives I can provide. We have lots of kiddo that do not have many books in their homes nor at able to visit the local library and I need to reach out to my parent & student community!

Today at the SSC mtg. The Wizard News...something like that was mentioned and I love the idea of having a library corner...place where I can publish info. To the families! What a great way to reach out and tell them what Whittier library has to offer their family!

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