Sunday, May 20, 2012

Studying for NBPTS Tests

Yikes... The countdown begins to test day and although I have been doing my background reading, I am way nervous about the tests! And began tackling the studying. Ethical & legal tenets, collection development & information literacy. I have been reading the rubrics to understand what my essays must contain to achieve a 4, and researching notes to study... Now is the hard part...all the trapping memorizing! Several things I have put into practice from my studying is open access. Teachers really want kids to be choosing books at their personal level, or reading level, but really we r pulling away from interest also. Which is where they need to be pushed as well...not pushed, but allowed! The statement that kills me is when kids come in and ask, "where are your 3rd grade books?" yuck! Thank god I get to tell them that the library is not organized like that! It is by interest/ subject in Dewey and by author's last name in fiction! Or Picture books! Yucko to think that kids can only read leveled books! And at their level...never mind what their interest is! There needs to be a bit more balance:) Better get studying!

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